A.D. Creative Group is a full-service marketing firm headquartered in Billings, Montana, with a second office in Gillette, Wyoming. At any one time, our firm has a roster of over 200 active clients and is working hundreds of projects simultaneously. Many of our clients are based in the Northwest region; however, in recent years, we’ve expanded to include a significant number of national and international organizations.

Since 1985, our award-winning creative has been welcomed by millions of people and seen in stores, on the road, in museums and airports, on the web and throughout the media arts across the country. Don’t let our size fool you. Our small firm packs a punch when it comes to marketing, design and brand development.

What we believe

Choose your customers, trust them and treat them well. Say yes, bend the rules, show up on time, keep promises. Don’t exert power merely because you can. Be human, be kind, pay attention, smile.

We don’t want to be compared to other agencies. We want to be the one our clients call when they have a problem because they know we can help find a solution or, at the very least, lend an ear, a perspective and a good cup of coffee.

How we work

Our processes are individualized and crafted to meet the specific needs of each client. Nothing is reused, recycled or repurposed. The relationships we build with our clients cultivate genuine trust and true partnership. It is this trust that enables us to push the creative envelope of what is possible, challenging status quo and achieving unexpected results.


More than lip service, this talented team of strategists, designers and visual communicators are a powerful asset for any organization. Although you may have one primary point of contact, expect to work closely with many of these individuals throughout the life cycle of projects. At A.D., we believe in a team approach to make sure your brand is managed as effectively and efficiently as possible.


Eric Finstad

Eric Finstad

Before starting A.D. Creative in 1985, Eric’s life was a mix of Road House, A River Runs Through It and Caddy Shack. So, he knows his stuff about serving, casting and driving the (right message). He’ll 86 the bad ideas, reel in the good ones and never need a mulligan to get the win.

How Eric Got Here:
Invented it.


Jenn Fancher

Jenn Fancher
Associate Creative Director

Jenn doesn’t just bring home the bacon, she can track it down with her houndsman husband, half a dozen dogs and two adorable hunters-in-training. Combine that with her fierce eye for design and detailed project management skills and you’ve got an Associate Creative Director that never misses her mark.

How Jenn Got Here:
Blazed her own trail.

Kevin Meyer

Kevin Meyer
Art Director

Being a Cubs fan says a lot about you. You’re loyal even during the down times. You’re cautiously optimistic. You’re used to being frustrated. You believe in the Billy Goat Curse. And, when the big win comes around, it’s all worth it! All that passion and angst translates into award winning design, making him our MVP.

How Kevin Got Here:
Bases loaded. Bottom of the ninth. Home run.

Sam Vogel

Sam Vogel
Graphic Designer

You can take the man out of Wyoming, but you can’t take the Wyoming out of the man. When the Bighorns are calling, Sam’s running to answer…literally. Fish aren’t biting? Challenge accepted. He’s switching up the bait to land dinner. When we finally convince him to come inside, he turns out some of the best creative around.

How Sam Got Here:
Off the beaten path.


Rick Herman

Rick Herman
Web Design Manager

Not many agencies have an Olympian on the payroll, but A.D. does! Rick’s mad hockey skills landed him a spot on Billings’ Senior Olympic hockey team. At work, he plays to where the puck is going to be, always aware of the end goal. And, as head lightbulb changer, he’s as familiar with a Stanley screwdriver as he is the Stanley Cup.

How Rick Got Here:
By keeping his stick on the ice.

John Pannell

John Pannell
Interactive Developer

For someone who basically lives off the grid, John sure can kill it when it comes to building code and producing video. He combines his background in physics and math along with the toughest training ground there is — being a high school teacher — to stand and deliver for our clients.

How John Got Here:
With zero carbon footprint.

Jack Hepp

Jack Hepp
Digital Marketer/Content Developer

Jack taught himself to juggle in the first grade – a skill that helped him take 3rd in his college Mr. Yellowjacket Pageant. Jack is also an avid golfer, but had to give up his indoor practice after breaking a glass light. For the safety of those near him, Jack has turned his attentions to social media and his game is legit.

How Jack Got Here:
Boosted post went viral.


Perrin Grubbs

Perrin Grubbs
Media Buyer & Strategist

Perrin dedicated hours of study to television research, logging countless episodes of CHiPs, Facts of Life and other culturally relevant programming. Perrin continues her media education, investigating reality tv, Carpool Karaoke and yoga memes to make sure the media mix she provides clients is the highest rated.

How Perrin Got Here:
Changed the channel.


April Logulo

April Logulo
Operations Manager

If there’s anyone on board who can land this plane, it’s April. Originally trained as an airline pilot, a change in April’s flight plan led her to now head the control tower at A.D. She speaks jive. She makes sure we’ve got clearance, Clarence. And, yes, she can make a pterodactyl out of almost anything. Just don’t call her Shirley.

How April Got Here:
Bumped herself up to first class.